Air Data specialized avionics

Tailor-made is our motto

Looking for an avionics consultant to partner with you for problem solving? Air Data offers avionic consulting services for the design, manufacture or simply to troubleshoot during the design phase, production phase or post-launch phase of avionics systems on any aircraft.

Agile, competitive and efficient avionic consulting services

Accessible quality expertise and testing

Our avionic consulting experts are ready and dedicated—we test everything we do in our lab for environmental testing and qualification.

Agile and faster than most aviation giants

Give us your deadline, we will make it happen.

We are big, not giant.

Benefit from the Air Data advantages; such as our pricing competitiveness.

Specialized avionic design and manufacturing

Air Data has the skills, tools and know-how to work as a highly valued partner with OEM, from the preliminary study to the manufacturing phase of new tailor-made avionics systems and fleet modernization in various systems.

Fuel gauging and management

Data communications

Sensors and detectors

Flight control equipment

Cockpit display instruments

Fleet modernization: Transforming aircraft from analog to digital

Variety of avionic systems

Offering consulting services for airborne equipment, including helicopter avionics.

Ground & airborne equipment

Microwave landing system test set (MLS)

Bus equipment protection unit (BEPU)

GPS landing systems (GLS CP)

Cabin sensor unit (CSU)

Duct sensor unit (DSU)

Communication interface unit (CIU)

Outside air temperature (OAT) sensor

Helicopter equipment

Pedal restrictor control unit

Fuel transfer control

RPM sensor

Air Data versatility

Specialized avionics for any type of aircraft, for new projects or modernization programs.

Rotary and fixed wing
Manned and unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
Commercial and military
Military trainers
Rotary and fixed wing
Manned and unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
Commercial and military
Military trainers

Air Data clients

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