Avionics and aviation power solutions

We keep your projects under our wing

Going above and beyond in the field of advanced aviation electronics, Air Data supports your projects through the design and manufacturing of avionics products and power management for OEM and integrators tier 1 and 2. From civil and military aerospace industries, our expertise is comprehensive.

Avionics products

Design and manufacture of advanced avionics aviation electronics solutions


Big, but not huge. Just the right size for optimal service and agility

Custom design

With your specs, not the other way around, your requirements inform our design and manufacturing.

Best cost-effectiveness

Lean infrastructures mean you get the utmost quality and durability at an exceptionally competitive price.

Timing is everything

From order to delivery, we work with your deadline top of mind.

Innovative cleaner aircraft

Pursuing green technological advancements

Greener aircraft of the future will demand more advanced electrical systems and power solutions. Air Data stands ready to develop and offer power solutions that meet your evolving needs.

Through the SA²GE program, Air Data’s expertise has been instrumental in the creation of greener aircraft by major aeronautic companies.

Another significant part of Air Data’s mission is to develop Air Data systems, such as ADC and pitot static probes, for new markets, including large airships or blimps for transport to remote locations where mining and forest industries thrive.

Air Data clients

Renowned aerospace and aviation clients worldwide



CMC Electronics

Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)

U.S. Air Force


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