Air Data computer

So stable, recalibration will seem like a thing of the past

Our Air Data Computers (ADC) are available in a number of configurations for a variety of uses, including UAV applications. Our line-up of ADCs has proven to provide outstanding performance, high accuracy and impressive long-term stability.

Air Data computers unlike anything you have seen before


Our design matches your requirements, not the other way around

Utmost reliability and stability

100% of manufactured units are tested in our laboratory for temperature and vibrations

High value

Take advantage of our competitive pricing, backed by the agility of our lean team

Air data computer

All the features that matter

Air Data’s line of ADCs are designed to measure and compute navigation parameters such as pressure altitude, baro-corrected altitude, altitude rate of change, computed and true airspeeds, Mach number and static air temperature. Add to this list a comprehensive built-in test (BIT) function that provides high-reliability fault detection and isolation capability. The unit packaging is extremely robust and provides standard pitot and static tubing interface.

ADC Fact Sheet NG ADC Fact Sheet

Easily tailored to your flight application.

Very high accuracy, +/- 5 feet typical at sea level.

Very long-term stability.

Interface to most OAT or TAT probes.

Powerful CPU with expansion capability.

Severe indirect lightning protection and 150 V/m HIRF.

Optional discrete I/O’s.

Many models are already TSO certified.

Air Data computer versatility

Commercial or military, Air Data’s ADCs can be used in any type of aircraft, for new projects and modernization programs.

Rotary and fix wing
Manned and unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
Commercial and military
Military trainers
Rotary and fix wing
Manned and unmanned air vehicle (UAV)
Commercial and military
Military trainers

Air Data clients

Renowned worldwide major clients

CMC Electronics

Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. (KAI)

Viking Air Ltd

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